Not-so-calm before the Storm

get-attachment.aspxWith 13 days to go until baby is set to join this world and 11 days until our scheduled travel, we are in “hurry up and wait” mode. Em is 37 weeks and 1 day.  I stare at the clock, willing it to move a little faster. I fall asleep, knowing that I will soon not be given the convenience of swift restfulness. I go to dinner with P, recognizing that these are the final days that we are a sweet, loving party of two. Bring on the endless days of frustration! Come on sleepless nights!  We are ready, dinners with spilled applesauce and dropped sippy cups!  This little man will change our lives forever, and his soul will brighten our lives in ways we can’t yet even imagine. Miraculous. Beautiful.  Sometimes it’s just hard to believe that it’s really and truly happening. Last week, however, it got really real, really fast.

Exactly a week ago, as I was trying to follow some great advice and stock up on my sleep, the phone rang. I fumbled for the phone on my bedside table, and, before I noticed who was calling, I first noticed that it was 7am. Ouch. Not good for my sleep banking. Then I saw that it was the adoption agency. I tried to disguise my sleepy voice as best I could, and the social worker on the other line said, “ I forgot you are 3 hours ahead. I am so sorry, but it’s time to wake up. Em might be in labor, and she is in a taxi on the way to the hospital. Do you think you could get on a plane today if you had to?”

Em was 36 weeks and 1 day, and although a little early, baby should be healthy when born. She was having contractions and was certain she was having the baby. I was nervous, and I thanked the social worker. I told her I would call P, begin packing immediately, check on flights, and I asked her to call me as soon as she knew something.

P and I tried to scramble and organize our lives. I found a flight, threw things in suitcases, all the while talking to my sister, who was squeaking with glee while trying to help keep me focused. Thanks, Sis!

 The word came in that upon checking Em at the hospital, the doctor decided that she was not going to give birth that day. It was a false alarm. Lots of checking on the baby followed and they found that he is doing great. He’s practicing breathing and getting big and strong. Baby is thriving, and for that, we are so grateful.  All of us were a little sad to not get a chance to meet him that day, but relieved and thankful that he would have time to cook in Em’s belly a little bit longer. It took 24 hours for my blood pressure to return to normal from this crazy morning, but it was enough to wake us up to the reality that this baby is really coming and soon!  Now we are impatiently awaiting his arrival on this earth, and our bags are packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This is our (not-so) calm before the beautiful, exciting, life-changing, miraculous storm.  18ed1f23fd38c3cf00670074d5972809


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