Wonder Pup seeks little brother


Dear future little brother,

My parents have been waiting for you a very long time, and, honestly, so have I.  Since the day Mom and Dad said, “Wonder Pup, do you want a 2-legged little brother?” I’ve not been able to think of anything else. Well, occasionally, I think about the lizard in the backyard or the piece of cheese that is sitting on the counter, but those things pass. Most of the day, I am just waiting for a friend for life. I’m waiting for you.

I’ve watched as Mom and Dad dreamt about you-who you might be and what you might look like.  Then came more difficult questions like where you might come from. The hardest of all for us as I grew more impatient was when you would come. I wished and wished as Mom and Dad searched and searched.

Now you are coming. I can’t tell when, because I can’t tell time. I’m only a dog. What I do know is that your room is ready and now, the suitcases are packed. Normally when the bags are packed I get upset, but now I think it’s because you are about to come home little brother-finally!

get-attachment-2.aspxMY PROMISES TO YOU:

1. Your chew toys are NOT my chew toys, even if my chew toys accidentally become your chew toys.

2. As soon as I am allowed, I will sleep in your room every night.

3. I will try my best to never knock you over when you learn to walk on 2 paws instead of 4.

4. If I accidentally do knock you down, I will cover you in licks until you feel better.

5. I promise to resist stealing crackers out of your hand when you are not paying attention.

6. I promise never to eat your homework, but if you forget to do it, you can blame it on me. I will take the fall.

7. Finally, I promise to be your best friend for my whole life. I’ve been waiting a long time for you, little brother, and I cannot wait to grow old with you.

Now, please hurry home so I can kiss you and welcome you to our family at last! I will show you the ropes. That’s what big brothers are for, and I can’t wait to show you how great of a brother I will be! Oh, and don’t worry if we don’t look alike. I have enough hair for the both of us.


Wonder Pup


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