Hello Florida!

get-attachment-2.aspxWell, we made it! After an early morning with a lot of luggage and high expectations, we made our way to the airport. Many thanks to a lovely new friend for waking up before sunrise to get us there. 
 We made our way to the airport hotel in Florida for one night. On the way, we received a message that Em’s waters were starting to leak, so we should sleep with the ringer on on our phone. Oh boy! Things are getting exciting already! P and I made our way to Target to buy some toiletries and snacks to survive our stay, and then made our way to our last date. Baby’s Baltimore grandmas treated us to an amazing meal from afar, and we had no idea how special this meal would be to us. We sat for hours, talking about how excited we are for this little boy-things we couldn’t wait to do with him in his first 48 hours on earth. Songs we wanted to sing to him. Stories we wanted to tell him. It was such a joyous few hours that we had together that we will both always treasure. It was magnificent to just recount all of the little miracles of timing that led us to this little boy that we cannot wait to meet.
We made our way back to our hotel to repack our bags and get an early bed. In spite of the jet lag and the craziness of the event, we were surprisingly able to sleep a few hours. Now at 6 am, the day begins. Today we meet Em, Ed and their 16 month old kiddo. Em has her pre-op meeting, and then we are taking them out for lunch so we can spend some time together before the excitement begins tomorrow. Then P and I will say goodbye to them, change hotels, and bite our fingernails until tomorrow morning! 
 The time is come, and we just cannot believe it. Please pray for us and for Em and Ed. We could all use the extra energy is this amazing but scary time. 

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