Ours forever!

14-IMG_6431The papers are signed! We are now his Harris’ legal guardians. We will be declared his parents by law at finalization in a few months, but he is really our son, and we are elated!

Today we had an unexpected day. Em was feeling well after he C section and wanted to much to rest at home with her family. We found out today that Florida law stipulates the need for 48 hours after birth OR Em’s discharge from the hospital, whichever came first.

We have been so thankful for the time we got to spend with Em and Ed in the hospital. Everyone celebrated the love we all feel for Harris. We all ooh-ed and ahh-ed over his sweetness, and took turns snuggling him. There is never too much love that a baby can receive. We look forward to a long relationship with Harris’ birth family, and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

There are no words for the gift that Em has given us. We can neither qualify or quantify it. It is simply miraculous. Harris is miraculous to all of us. Em made us a family, and we are forever changed through her love.

We will continue to update the shenanigans of lovely baby Harris here on the blog. Because of Em’s choice to bring him into this world, he will have a lifetime to remind us how lucky we are to have him, and we plan to savor every single second.


3 thoughts on “Ours forever!

  1. This is wonderful. How beautiful for ALL of you. My little brother was adopted at age 3 and I know that adoption is an incredible gift; I can’t imagine life without him. (BTW, I am a member of the LLL facebook group; that’s how I found your blog!)

  2. Congratulations ! We are so happy for you, Peter and Harris. Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey to becoming a “family” with all of us. It is a true testimonial to faith, hope and love. We hope you will continue to share your family moments with us. Blessings to each and everyone involved.

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